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Price per gram of British precious metals

Buffett once said: Gold can only reflect its value until the end of the world. The risk of the complete collapse of the Eurozone, the threat of US economic stagflation, the economic contraction caused by high inflation in emerging countries, everything is

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Precious metal trading hours

According to the reserves of platinum mines and the complexity of platinum production processes and cycles, it is difficult to increase the supply of platinum in a short period of time. According to statistics from related professional companies, the tota

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Precious Metal Fund

The drop in the price of gold for two consecutive trading days this week is mainly due to the suppression of profit settlement. As the International Monetary Fund lowered its economic growth forecasts for the United States and Japan, and Goldman Sachs suc

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Dao Precious Metals

Silver, originally an alternative investment product for gold, has its main advantages in lower investment thresholds and certain financial attributes. However, since the second half of last year, silver has become the dominant player in the precious meta

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Precious metals news has ulterior motives

Lease the gold from the bank, then sell it in the store, return the same amount of gold when it expires, and pay the relevant fees. The reporter learned yesterday that six gold jewelry processing and sales companies in the province have handled the leasin

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