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Chicago Precious Metals Exchange

SPDR mainly represents medium- and long-term investors. The reduction of gold holdings by medium- and long-term investors is mainly based on the economic situation and the rising interest in other high-return investment fields. Looking at the market outlo

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Alabama Precious Metals Corporation

The current price of gold futures is still at a high level. The occurrence of this quotation may be triggered by a programmatic transaction buy order, while the sellers may be anglers who place fishing orders. Under the background that the market is optim

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Precious Metals Sales Tucson

After a round of plunge, gold and silver are slowly recovering. However, the reporter found that investors who were afraid of falling were generally very cautious due to the lessons of the May Day holiday, and the Gold Exchange also issued a notice a few

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Augusta Precious Metals Review

It can be seen from the graph that the big Yinxian has disrupted the short-term upward channel, and the technical structure is facing repair demand. At the same time, the market also has fear of heights after the sharp rise, and the US dollar may rebound

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U.S. precious metals

Prior to this, a series of policies implemented by the Fed, including quantitative easing, have pushed up the market’s inflation expectations. In recent days, despite the slight increase in US economic recovery expectations and the slight decline in U.S.

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