Price per gram of British precious metals

Price per gram of British precious metals
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Price per gram of British precious metals

Internationally renowned investment bank Morgan Stanley (MorganStanley) analyst JoelCrane wrote in a report on Wednesday (October 8) that under the pressure of the Fed’s interest rate hike expectations and the strengthening of the U.S. dollar, gold will become the best performing commodity market in the next six months. For poor commodities, gold prices are expected to record the lowest quarterly average prices in the third quarter of 2015, and the downwarPrice per gram of British precious metalsd trend will remain until the end of 2017.

2. The 4-hour chart of silver closes the star line, and the market is still in a high adjustment trend. The horizontal pressure level is temporarily effective. The 14-period and 30-period moving averages show a golden cross pattern, the MACD column is above the 0 axis, and the multi-party sentiment has temporarily converged, but the market head has not yet been established, and the market is willing to break through the upper pressure level in the short and medium term. In addition, the hourly chart market is in an upward adjustment state.

However, there are also analysts that the excessive panic in the gold market in the early stage has led to a serious setback in investor confidence and left the market to wait and see. It is expected that the gold price will rebound in the short term. From the perspective of ETF fund holdings, as of March 20, the gold holdings of SPDR, the world’s largest gold ETF, remained unchanged from the previous trading day, at 1,222.16 tons. However, the fund increased slightly on the previous trading day. Holding 2.71 tons, although it is still near the low point in a year and a half, there are signs of stopping the decline.

On the previous 25th, the price of gold once hit a three-week high. Spot gold rose to its highest level since May 4 at US$1532.10 per ounce, and fell to US$1526.05 at the close, but it was still higher than the 1525.75 when the New York market closed on May 24. Dollar. COMEX index June gold futures closed at US$1526.70 per ounce, an increase of 0.22%, and rose to US$1532.30, the highest point since May 4. According to the analysis, the rise in gold prices was boosted by market concerns about the debt crisis of the Eurozone countries and also due to the expiration of the COMEX June gold option.

1. A Eurozone source said on Monday that the Eurogroup decided to assist Greece until 2014 instead of 2016. The disbursement of the latest batch of aid loans may be postponed to November 28. This batch of 44 billion euros of loans can be partly used to repurchase bonds.

Wei Jun, a senior financial analyst at FX168 Financial Group, pointed out that despite the weakness of the dollar, due to the dawn of the fiscal cliff, some safe-haven buying orders flowed out of gold, which brought callback pressure to gold prices. At the same time, the price of gold fell below the recent key support 120-day moving average, triggering some loPrice per gram of British precious metalsng-term stop losses in the market and intensifying the downward trend. Gold price further support is located at 1660.00 US dollars / ounce.

OPEC released a monthly report last week, stating that global market demand for oil provided by this monopolistic organization is expected to drop to an average of 28.8 million barrels per day in 2015, which is 100,000 barrels per day less than the original forecast and lower than the 2014 level. 300,000 barrels per day. The report also said that due to the continued decline in oil prices, global crude oil demand will actually increase slightly.