How to extract precious metals from electronic products

How to extract precious metals from electronic products
By Precious metals company

How to extract precious metals from electronic products

However, investors still believe that this move will cause too much US dollars to flow into the market, thereby suppressing the US dollar exchange rate and increasing the value of precious metals such as gold. The US dollar indHow to extract precious metals from electronic productsex, which measures the price of the US dollar against a basket of currencies, was near 79.698 on the 7th, down 0.21% from the previous trading day.

If the market is sluggish in the next few months, these newly launched varieties will be hit harder. According to Wang Ruilei's analysis, once the transaction declines, it will inevitably lead to competition fees in various places, and delivery issues and agent issues that have not yet attracted attention will also emerge. Once a problem occurs, it may affect financial stability. In addition, although these exchanges with local governments as the background are unlikely to have moral hazard, their liquidity risks have to be prevented when the market is not good.

Central banks of various countries are continuously increasing their gold reserves, which is a prominent phenomenon in the gold industry in 2019. During the year, central banks of various countries paid more attention to the diversification of their own reserve assets and no longer focused on reserves of dollars. This reflects an international trend. Wang Lixin, managing director of the World Gold Council, said that the biggest purpose of the central bank's gold reserves is to prevent special financial risks.

Standard & Poor's stated in a report on the 18th that as the U.S. will use ways to solve its huge budget deficit and increasing government debt and other issues are still unclear, the outlook for the U.S. government credit rating is downgraded to negative. The possibility that the US AAA rating will be downgraded.

When President Nixon lifted the link between the U.S. dollar and gold, he and the subsequent U.S. government promoted the U.S. dollar as the only real currency, and other paper currencies followed the same path. Before that, returning to the ancient civilization period thousands of years ago, people only accepted gold. At that time, gold was the real currency, accompanied by a note indicating the value of gold attached to the gold. It is this connection that makes it (notes for notes) currency.

On the previous trading day, the precious metals suffered heavy losses during the Asian session due to the suppression of good economic data from the United States and news about gold imports. During the period, London Gold plunged more than $15 within one hour. SHow to extract precious metals from electronic productspot silver also recorded a significant decline driven by gold. Data information shows that as of the close, London gold fell by US$5.25 to US$1,289.39, or 0.41%. Spot silver fell by US$0.2, or 1.02%, to close at US$19.43.

Patrick Legland, a strategist at Societe Generale in Paris, wrote in an email to customers on Monday (December 23) that the gold plunge is undoubtedly one of the most high-profile events in the market this year. Right now, gold has almost lost its value in 2013. The hedging ability of systemic risks. Previously, whether it was the Italian election, the application of aid loans by Cyprus, the shutdown of the US government, or the issue of debt ceilings, the price of gold had not risen sharply. In addition, the Fed's unexpected announcement of QE reduction last week is undoubtedly worse for gold.

The Bank of Australia will hold an interest rate meeting next week. The trend of the interest rate swap market shows that traders bet that the probability of the central bank cutting interest rates on August 6 is close to 90%. Not only that, the market also predicts that Australia's rate cuts in the next year will lead the developed economies, mainly to boost domestic demand and make up for the decline in mining demand caused by the economic slowdown.