Precious metals news has ulterior motives

Precious metals news has ulterior motives
By Precious metals company

Precious metals news has ulterior motives

Lease the gold from the bank, then sell it Precious metals news has ulterior motivesin the store, return the same amount of gold when it expires, and pay the relevant fees. The reporter learned yesterday that six gold jewelry processing and sales companies in the province have handled the leasing business of gold with the bank. The total amount of leased gold exceeds 1,000 kilograms and is worth more than 300 million yuan. Next, this business is also expected to extend to individual businesses selling gold jewelry.

Judging from the current monetary policy, politics, and financial environment, we believe that the bull market in gold and commodity markets is expected to continue. However, the recent madness in the gold and silver market belongs to the brave. Gold ETFs and hedge funds have gained a lot in the silver market, but they have not gained much benefit in the gold market. That is, the current bull market in the gold market is more like a market driven by the enthusiasm of retail investors, while the main institutions seem to be bystanders. For such a market, when it continues to a certain stage, we think it is not appropriate to continue participating. We will wait and see to what extent the staged game of the brave drumming and passing flowers can continue. The author believes that in the current market stage, it is unlikely that many institutions will be attracted again to push up the price of gold and silver.

On the last trading day (7th), gold continued its previous rebound pattern and continued to rise slightly. The Fed’s senior officials’ concerns about the prospects of the US economy and the dollar’s ​​fall are the biggest drivers of the rebound. The market was closed for the National Day holiday, and the physical gold market in the world's largest gold consumer was calm and did not have a significant impact on prices. As of yesterday's close, London Gold reported US$1208.58, an increase of US$1.28, or 0.11%. In the past two trading days, it has risen by 17.61 US dollars, regaining the integer position of 1,200 US dollars, an increase of 1.48%; the trend of spot silver deviates from gold, and yesterday closed down 0.15 US dollars, or 0.87%, to close at 17.17 US dollars. Despite this, spot silver has still risen by 0.35 US dollars in the past two days, or 2.1%, during which it once touched 17.61 US dollars, the highest point in nearly 6 trading days.

As the economic situation continues to change this year, the confrontation between long and short gold prices has intensified. Supporters of gold began to fall apart, some Wall Street giants dumped gold, and domestic gold futures also showed a weak trend. As of April 3, the closing data showed that contracts that expired during the Shanghai gold year have fallen by more than 5% this year. . Analysts believe that at present, only the central banks in emerging markets are net buyers of gold, and it is difficult to form a strong push for the gold market. In the future, the price of gold is likely to continue to fluctuate and decline. Investors should not buy the bottom easily.

Xinhuanet, Chicago, April 4th (Reporter Zhu Zhu) As the US Federal Reserve's support for the new round of quantitative easing policy fell, which supported the strengthening of the US dollar, the international gold futures price plummeted by 3.5% on the 4th and closed at nearly The lowest level in 12 weeks.

In 1980, the price of gold once reached US$850/ounce, which is equivalent to the current price of US$2,300/ounce. In the following six months, inflation continued to rise, but the price of gold fell back to US$600/ounce. It coincided with Walker becoming chairman of the Federal Reserve in 1979. In January 1980, he began to adopt a tightening monePrecious metals news has ulterior motivestary policy.