How to extract precious metals from electronic products

How to extract precious metals from electronic products
By Precious metals company

How to extract precious metals from electronic products

With the boom in gold and silver this year, market investment enthusiasm continues to heat up, and the account precious metal products provided by banks for individual customers have received more and more attention. In order to attract more customers, banks have frequently developed new investment methods. Many banks have launched products that combineHow to extract precious metals from electronic products two trading methods: virtual trading to make price differences and redemption of physical objects.

At present, it is gold that dominates the price trend of precious metals, and it is difficult for silver and platinum to have an independent market. Zhu Zhigang pointed out that after the recent consolidation, the probability of gold prices continuing to rise is far greater than falling. If the price of gold continues to rise, now is a good time to buy for silver and platinum. Compared with gold, precious metals such as silver and platinum have smaller plates and their prices are easier to manipulate. In addition, the industrial demand for silver and platinum is increasing. Once the opportunity comes, the price doubling is not a luxury. Investors are advised to buy silver and platinum in the medium and long term.

Baring Asset Management Fund Manager Andrew Cole said that because of concerns about the environment after the end of QE2, there are now some risk relief operations, especially the profit closing of commodity investment. Risk relief is often in favor of the US dollar, and market tensions will continue until the end of QE2. At the same time, if the Fed considers it unnecessary to launch QE3, then the benchmark interest rate will eventually normalize. This will affect the transaction cost of spreads in dollar financing and then buying commodities.

Every year there are such a group of people who have been busy for a year and waited until the New Year to buy gold. However, compared to the "golden-grab aunt", consumers now choose more necklaces and pendants, and fewer choose gold investment. A clerk in a gold shop told reporters that although there were many people buying necklaces and pendants this year, there were significantly fewer people buying gold bars than last year.

The international gold price fluctuated widely last week, and the weekly closed cross star with a long lower shadow, and the highest upper mold during the Asian trading session on Monday was $1333.5. Although the price of gold is still showing weak rebound, there are multiple signs that the factors favorable to the price of gold are increasing, and perhaps the price of gold is accumulating the strength of rebound. Of course, whether the Fed will reduce the scale of bond purchases in September is still an important factor affecting gold prices. Before that, investors should pay close attention to the economic data released by the United States and observe whether these favorable gold prices will ferment.

Of course, in the development and operation of mineral projects, in addition to financing costs and risk control, there are more influencing factors in the choice of joint development, such as political pressure and advantages. In any case, market expectations are still one of the most important considerations. From this perspective, gold mining companies themselves have certain doubts about the prospects of gold prices. And investors are not optimistic about this hugely costly joint development project. After the plan was announced, the stock prices of BarrickHow to extract precious metals from electronic products and Canadian Gold both fell to varying degrees.

Q Youyue Xia Cailian said that many of her friends have bought some gold recently, some are physical gold, some are paper gold, and some friends bought some silver bars and put them at home. Under the influence of her friends, Cailian also considered buying some gold, but the price of gold has set a record high, which made her feel unsure and dare not chase high to buy. Q You Ah Shui said that he saw the comments of some institutions, saying that the price of gold is expected to exceed US$2,000 per ounce this year, and it is likely to rise to US$3,000 per ounce in the future. Ah Shui said that if the price of gold is really up to 3,000 US dollars, it means that the spot gold will cost more than 600 yuan per gram, which sounds weird.

At a time when the debt situation in Europe and the United States is confused, investors have a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, driven by risk aversion, which directly benefits the precious metal gold. The imposing gold price, after strong for 11 consecutive trading days, at the beginning of this week, the price of gold broke through US$1,600 per ounce and set a new historical record. It finally stopped, and fell back to US$1,600 per ounce on Wednesday. Up to a few trading days high shocks.

The money printing machines of major central banks around the world have been working harder, and the hedging properties of gold have once again attracted the attention of the market. Some market participants believe that gold prices may rebound from low levels during the year. However, some institutions also remind investors that as the current overall environment is more conducive to the further growth of the US economy, gold's inflation hedging function may dissipate, and the upside of gold prices is limited.