El Capitan Precious Metals News

El Capitan Precious Metals News
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El Capitan Precious Metals News

In addition, Standard Chartered Bank has also launched El Capitan Precious Metals Newsan open-ended overseas wealth management product linked to the spot price of platinum. The minimum subscription amount is US$18,000 or RMB 100,000. It is reported that the above-mentioned products are linked to platinum traded in the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM), and the product performance is directly linked to the spot prices of platinum and palladium, which is the first domestic product directly linked to the spot prices of precious metals.

A prerequisite fact for the outbreak of the U.S. financial crisis in 2008 is: In 2006, the U.S. GDP was 13.2 trillion U.S. dollars, the U.S. asset securities (bonds) were about 90 trillion U.S. dollars, and its financial derivatives were 518 trillion U.S. dollars. That is, the total amount of asset securitization is about 6.8 times of GDP, and financial derivatives are nearly 40 times of GDP. In 2007, the U.S. dollar interest rate rose to 5.25%, puncturing the subprime mortgage and CDS bubbles, leading to the collapse of the financial derivatives bubble, and rapidly shrinking a huge amount of liquidity, causing many financial institutions to stop cash, financial black holes, bankruptcies and bankruptcies. .

The large increase in trading volume and open interest is the result of capital inflows. Some of the inflows are stock futures funds from other futures products, and some may be money from newly opened customers. At present, the huge trading volume of gold futures is only comparable to October 2008, when the financial crisis occurred. The aforementioned futures company reminded reporters.

The supervision of foreign funds is problematic. It is often clear that good market conditions can make money, but the platform suddenly fails and cannot be operated. Even if you make money, customers will not be able to withdraw money once they withdraw. In fact, these platforms are all under the control of foreign companies. An industry insider disclosed.

Paper gold, as the name suggests, refers to the paper trading of gold. Paper gold is a kind of personal voucher gold. Investors buy and sell virtual gold on the book at the quoted price of the bank. Individuals can use the international gold price trend to buy low and sell high to earn the fluctuation difference in gold prices. Investors' transaction records are only reflected in the gold passbook account opened by the individual in advance, and no physical gold withdrawal or delivery occurs. In this way, the steps of transportation, storage, inspection, and identification of gold are omitted, and the difference between the buying price and the selling price of paper gold is smaller than the difference between buying and selling gold bars. Even for those who have not tried any gold or foreign exchange trading, it is relatively easy to get started, as long as they master some trading skills and pay attention to market developments, they can gain something.

Gold T+D closed down in night trading on Monday (August 5), because the US ISM non-manufacturing data released earlier was better than expected, boosting the rise of the dollar, and the price of gold fell under pressure. At the same time, many institutions have expressed theEl Capitan Precious Metals Newsir bearishness on the future gold price, and hedge fund managers are also actively reducing their net long positions in gold. The downside risks in the gold market outlook have increased. In addition, India’s demand for physical gold fell by more than 40% in July. At the same time, demand in other parts of Asia is still not performing well, and it is expected that it cannot provide effective support for gold.

The US data released overnight was mixed, but the strong German economic sentiment index caused the dollar index to fall. COMEX-12 month gold futures were also affected by the overall market sentiment overnight, and finally closed up 3.4 US dollars to 939.2 US dollars per ounce, the intraday high price was 941.6 US dollars per ounce, and the lowest price was 935 US dollars per ounce. On Wednesday, Shanghai Gold 0912 fell 0.84 yuan to close at 205.54 yuan.

Although the expectations at the time were volatile, it was beyond expectation to be so strong. Speaking of his own experience, Mr. Li described it as horrible, because he was not too proficient in the business, he risked his death at about $1,800, but when the price fell, he was worried about giving up and braking the car in time, 15 hands of gold In the end, it lost nearly 450,000 yuan. Mr. Li said that now that I think about it, I am scared. This is the worst failure in my investment experience. It seems that I have to practice for a long time.