Pioneer precious metals and mining funds, etc.

Pioneer precious metals and mining funds, etc.
By Precious metals company

Pioneer precious metals and mining funds, etc.

Credit FinancePioneer precious metals and mining funds, etc. (cream) announced the destruction of 6075000 cream tokens on September 20, accounting for 67.5% of current supply. The destruction will include 100% governance tokens and 75% seed investor tokens. For seed investors,

Coin security smart chain is a smart contract blockchain with Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) programmability. As a blockchain running in parallel with currency security chain, coin security smart chain retains the characteristics of high execution speed and low transaction cost of the former, and adds smart contract function to support compatible applications (DAPP).

The agreement combines token debt stabilization currency, lending, AMM and one-sided AMM risk to create a complete loan agreement, allowing the creation of token credit assets based on any asset, such as stable credit USD, euro, JPY, etc. Specifically, users can provide a certain amount of usdc to generate the stable credit USD token of US dollar value. The AMM automatic market making mechanism provides liquidity for usdc and stable credit USD at 50:50. AMM can calculate the utilization rate of the whole system, up to 75%. The total utilization rate of the system, users can get the credit line that can be borrowed, that is, the number of stable creditusd obtained. Holding a stable credit USD can borrow (purchase through AMM) other assets, so if another user uses the link token as collateral, then he can borrow link by selling the loan credit (i.e., stableconditusd). When you want to pay off the debt, you can sell back link to obtain stable credit USD, pay off the debt and get usdc.

The liquidity mining project sushiswapsushishiswapsushiswapliquidity mining project is cloned from uniswap. The biggest difference is that it issues sushi token, and 0.25% of transaction fees are directly distributed to active liquidity providers. The team hopes to use sushi token economic model to optimize uniswap. But Hayden Adams, founder of uniswap, says sushi is just something that any competent developer can create in a day, trying to profit from hype and the value created by uniswap. Sushishiswapsushi view more on chain total lock-in value (TVL) of US $150 million. Sushiswap is a clone from uniswapuniswap, a simple token free exchange protocol called shapeshift or Bancor, which has been launched on the main network. Writing with Vyper, gas consumption is extremely low. Uniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuniswapuni view more items, allowing users to mine the governance token sushi through the mainstream LP token on stakinguniswapv2. Each block will issue 100 sushi, which will be evenly distributed in all 13 pools. In the first two weeks, each block will receive 1000 sushi and the sushi / eth pool will receive 200 sushi. Sushi token has no practical value and only has governance rights. Once the liquidity of uniswap is transferred to sushiswap in the future, sushi token holders will share 0.05% transaction fee. Sushiswap plans to transfer liquidity from its interface to the native AMM within about two weeks of launch. Quantstamp has confirmed the contract audit of the project.

They are respectively the JavaScript plug-in sunsetsupreme based on Google forms, lucrum, a price limit order platform driven by market makers, and the application of NFT asset securitization Learning & learn based on staking, genie, education platform based on smart contract and defi tools, deded, cryptospace, candyshop, a DEX aggregator, n YV, stable currency hedging service E-commerce protocol owned by users and operated by smart contracts Oya.Market , opium protocol dashboard service opiumnetwork, celebrity futures, which uses UMA token to create futures to bet on celebrities' popularity, ethdolar, which supports account based loan to forge stable currency, P2P gateway futures market missingno, and anonymous credit The tools include anonymous credit, incomejar, a financial service that allows users to create revenue streams based on assets, cardchange, which supports users to exchange Google store gift cards with Adai, and artdefi, a digital art credit mortgage platform.

Since June, the number of eth locked in the defi protocol has increased from 2.7 million to 8.6 million, an increase of 218.5%. The number of bitcoins locked up increased from 5000 in the middle of the year tPioneer precious metals and mining funds, etc.o about 158800, an increase of more than 3000%. However, although defi has recently absorbed a large number of BTC and eth, their value is less than half of the industry's total lock up value (TVL), accounting for 44.6% in total. In addition, the value of eth locked in defi is US $3.24 billion, accounting for 7.6% of the total market value of Ethereum. The total market value of BTC is 85 million, accounting for 18% of the total market value of BTC.

The cover token smart contract and shield mining smart contract are ready to be audited by the Arcadia group, a blockchain security company, according to a tweet from coverprotocol, a new type of insurance project. The Arcadia group has previously audited core, luaswap and valuedefi projects. Link note: the cover protocol is a new protocol reconstructed by the founder of safe, an insurance based mining project. It allows users to buy and sell insurance based on anything on a fully and scalable platform. In mid October, cover released the token distribution plan, which will be distributed on November 20, 2020. In addition, cover will also start shield mining to allocate governance tokens to users, allowing participants to cultivate cover governance tokens with their own net risk taking on the platform.

Maplefinance, the cryptocurrency bond platform, will make its first mortgage free loan to raise 15000 Dai for bmaindao, an autonomous organization that supports brightid. Meanwhile, it can also provide 14% annualized income for fund lenders. Bmaindao said the loan funds will be used to purchase subscription tokens. Brightid is a social identity network, and beta version is available on Android and IOS platforms. The repayment method of this loan product is 12-month equal principal repayment, that is, bmaindao, the lender, will repay the principal and interest every month in the next 12 months. In the first month, 1595.21dai will be repaid, decreasing in turn, and 1264.38dai will be repaid in the last month. Philip Silva of brightid said, "we are happy to work with maple to demonstrate that an autonomous organization (DAO) can be a good lender. We hope and believe that access to debt will become a routine practice that can accelerate the growth and success of many Daos. "