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APMEX precious metals

In the distribution plan of comp, each Ethereum block will transfer out 0.5 comps (about 2880 comps per day). However, this plan is based on the estimated block time of 15 seconds on the Ethereum network. At present, the average block speed is about 13.1

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AAA precious metals

Tokengazer released Ethereum (Ethereum) monthly report: in January 2019, the amount of eth token issuance and fund-raising was 112.82mm, which has shrunk by more than 60% compared with the data of $389.86mm in December 18. Maker is a smart contract platfo

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Precious metals ira rules

The trading volume of uniswap reached an all-time high, with 24-hour trading volume of more than 441 million US dollars. Compared with that of coinbase pro, the trading volume of coinbase Pro was 373 million US dollars, which means that the 24-hour tradin

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Precious metals market adjustment

Nest price quotation system is mainly composed of four core parts: Quotation generation module, quotation purchase module, quotation fund management module and chain price generation module. Nestnestnestnest view more 3.0 will be launched on Ethereum main

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Precious metal bullion

Synthtixsynthetix synthetix, formerly known as havven, is a payment network designed for everyday consumption of digital money. The synthetix network uses a dual currency system to reduce price volatility. The handling fees of online transactions are used

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