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Reid admitted to manipulating the US precious metals market for about seven years.

CFTC data also showed that as of May 24, the euro net long fell from 41,645 a week ago to 19,129; the yen net long fell from 15,373 to 8,006; the Swiss franc net long fell from 15,661 to 14,725; the Canadian dollar net long fell from 26,291 It fell to 21,

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Precious metal refinery

Since September, has gold given an opportunity like Dhabalia said? The answer is yes, but the opportunity is fleeting. On Monday, the spot price of London gold fell to a minimum of US$1,534 at 15:10, but in just 30 minutes, the price of gold miraculously

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Precious metal business card

The financial event that had the greatest impact on the global economy in 2011 was the European debt crisis. At present, this crisis is far from over. Although European countries have adopted assistance measures, the situation in Greece has not improved.

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Has the precious metals market been closed?

In the early hours of Thursday, Beijing time, Venezuelan President Chavez stated that he plans to nationalize Venezuela’s gold industry and the state will take over gold production to expand the scale of international reserves; he also plans to transfer 2

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AAA precious metals

Sam bankman fried, founder and service consultant of FTX, said that the migration code of sushiswap, a transaction protocol forked by uniswap, has been deployed to the main network. If there are no serious bugs,Dforce foundation, an open financial integra

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