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International Precious Metal Silsbee, TX

EuroPacificPreciousMetals CEO Peter Schiff believes that no matter what measures the Fed takes, it is beneficial to gold. If the quantitative easing policy continues, then inflation will continue and investors will tend to invest in gold, which is a value

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Google precious metals prices

On December 22, the New York gold February contract opened at 1616.7 US dollars per ounce, followed by a slight decline in international spot gold, the lowest intraday drop to 1602.95 US dollars, the Asian market rebounded to above 1,610 US dollars in lat

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Environmental Handbook International Precious Metal Industry Focus

This trading day will announce the changes in Australias 7 employment population, Australias July seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, July industrial producer price index, July consumer price index, Japan July household consumer confidence index, July

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Mitsui & Co. will close its precious metals operations in New York and London

However, Li Ning, a mid-term precious metals analyst, told reporters that from the historical monthly trend, gold generally tends to rise slightly in February. At present, there is greater pressure for gold to break through the 1700 resistance level. But

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In addition, the recent time period has had a good predictive effect on gold prices. Wednesday is the 13th trading day adjusted after the price of gold temporarily peaked at US$1006.2, a mysterious window of time. Phased gold prices often form the possibi

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