For retail investors, what is the best ETF for precious metals futures contracts?

For retail investors, what is the best ETF for precious metals futures contracts?
By Precious metals company

For retail investors, what is the best ETF for precious metals futures contracts?

1. According to data released by the French National Bureau of Statistics (Insee) on Monday, the monthly rate of industrial output in France in May rose by 2.0%, the previous value was revised down by 0.5%, and the initial value fell by 0.3%; the monthly rate of French manufacturing output in May An increase of 1.5%, the prFor retail investors, what is the best ETF for precious metals futures contracts?evious value increased by 0.2%; the annual rate increased by 5.4%, the previous value increased by 4.1%.

But Bloom added: Now we should have a new way of thinking: emerging market currencies are the main, and the US dollar is only the residual currency. Such a world can explain the world we are in now. When the United States raises the debt ceiling and an immediate crisis is resolved, the market will buy risky assets including emerging market currencies. The residual effect of this is that people will sell US dollars. But if the U.S. debt ceiling is not raised, investors will sell risky assets. In this case, the U.S. defaults, but the U.S. dollar rises.

From the perspective of the monetary system, the current international monetary system is a credit monetary system endorsed by national credit. This system is the embryonic form of the Bretton Woods system established in 1945 through the link between the U.S. dollar and gold. After the U.S. dollar was decoupled from gold in 1971, a credit currency system endorsed by the credit of various countries was finally formed. The status of gold in the monetary system is continuously removed by the credit of the country behind the US dollar. After the U.S. dollar replaced gold in disguise, it has further realized the continuous improvement and consolidation of its global status through the continuous release of liquidity and cross-border capital flows.

Yesterday, spot silver opened at 6555 points, the highest was 6637, the lowest was 6500, and it closed at 6573, fluctuating by 137 points. Silver ETF holdings amounted to 1,055.94 tons, which was the same as the previous trading day. At present, ETF holdings are close to the highest in history. Silver dropped slightly after the opening yesterday. After gaining support near 6500, it consolidated at a low level. After reconfirming the support of 6500 in the afternoon, it fluctuated up and reached the key resistance zone of 6580-6600 in the evening. The huge support, once again directly pulled up to strong resistance near 6600, oscillated and closed down at the end of the trading session, and the daily line showed a small yang line with upper and lower shadows, consolidating.

From July 25 to July 29, the price of AU9995 gold opened at 334.80 yuan, the intraday highs and lows were 336.26 yuan and 333.30 yuan respectively; it closed at 333.56 yuan, an increase of 3.72 yuan from the previous week’s closing price, an increase of 1.13%.

From the perspectFor retail investors, what is the best ETF for precious metals futures contracts?ive of the situation, gold faced technical pressure last Friday. At the same time, the economic data released by the United States on Friday night was basically in line with market expectations. There was no major news of positive gold, but gold chose to break through the previous upward channel and pull it quickly. Rose, and hit a record high of $1,577 before the news came out of the market that Bin Laden was killed. After the announcement of the news, the price of gold fell sharply due to lower risk aversion.

In the short term, liquidity and financing issues may force some investors to sell gold. According to Yang Tao, a gold analyst at Shiyuan Gold, the escalating European debt crisis is also the main driver of this gold adjustment. He said that the Netherlands is currently studying the consequences of Greece's default, and the French bank Societe Generale (601166) denies the existence of dollar financing difficulties, indicating that European countries are preparing for Greece's default. Technically, it is difficult to avoid Greece’s default. The current situation is in the late stage of the stalemate between default and avoidance of default, which is still favorable to the rise of gold. However, once Greece will run out of cash in its hands next month, there is a real default, which may not be beneficial to gold.