Google precious metals prices

Google precious metals prices
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Google precious metals prices

On December 22, the New York gold February contract opened at 1616.7 US dollars per ounce, followed by a slight decline in international spot gold, the lowest intraday drop to 1602.95 US dollars, the Asian market rebounded to above 1,610 US dollars in late trading. The Shanghai Gold 1206 contract fell 0.83% on the 22nd to close aGoogle precious metals pricest 331.51 yuan/g.

1. According to data released by the Institute for Supply Management on Thursday, the US August ISM Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 50.6, which is still above the 50 showing the expansion of the manufacturing industry, and is expected to be 48.5.

Societe Generale (Societe Generale) on Monday (June 17) lowered its expectations for international spot gold prices, and expected the price of gold to fall to US$1,200 per ounce at the end of the year. The bank pointed out that the reason for lowering its gold price expectations was the international gold price not long ago. The price drop exceeded its previous forecast.

The global gold market in 2019 has undergone a process of gold price adjustment. The demand for gold was relatively stable in the first half of the year, but declined in the second half, especially in the market. The price of gold is affected by economic and political uncertainties in the international market, such as international events such as Sino-US economic and trade frictions, which inhibits consumers' enthusiasm for consumption.

The development of the European debt crisis is maintained in the handling of the Italian debt crisis. Italy is the third largest economy in the euro zone. The volume of Italian debt is not comparable to that of Greece. Most of the Italian national debt holders are central banks, commercial banks, insurance companies, and pension funds. Problems with Italian national debt will lead to bad debts of many commercial banks’ bond assets and turbulence in the international banking and financial system. Xi Jianhua said that at present, the Fed is testing whether the capital adequacy ratio of U.S. banks can cope with the financial market fluctuations caused by the worst outcome of the European debt crisis, which proves that the market has been carefully evaluating the worst outcome of the European debt crisis (that is, the disintegration of the euro zone). risk. We have noticed that after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008, the financial market suffered a shock, and the price of gold fell sharply along with commodities, but then gold quickly rebounded. Once the Eurozone disintegrates, it does not rule out a sharp decline in the international gold market in a short period of time.

Greece's austerity plan was passed as scheduled, the euro performed strongly against the dollar, the euro rose sharply in Asia time, and the dollar has fallen for 4 consecutive trading days. However, gold rebounded in the first two trading days and closed the smallGoogle precious metals prices Yang line. The strength does not seem to be very strong, and the upper side is also facing the combined pressure of the 10-day, 20-day, and 30-day moving average.

Jason Schenker, chairman of PrestigeEconomicsLLC, said that the non-agricultural employment data report was better than economists expected, the stock market and industrial commodity markets were strong, and the price of oil rose sharply, driving the price of gold.

A few days ago, the 2011 Financial Security Summit Forum and the 3rd Blue Ocean Secret Sword Futures Real Offer Competition Awarding Ceremony hosted by China Eastern Finance was held. The well-known economist and author of "Currency War" Song Hongbing and Air Force Major General Qiao Liang, Professor of Strategy at the Air Force Command Academy gave a keynote speech.