Has the precious metals market been closed?

Has the precious metals market been closed?
By Precious metals company

Has the precious metals market been closed?

In the early hours of Thursday, Beijing time, Venezuelan President Chavez stated that he plans to nationalize VeneHas the precious metals market been closed?zuela’s gold industry and the state will take over gold production to expand the scale of international reserves; he also plans to transfer 211 tons of gold stored overseas to the Venezuelan central bank. treasury. It is understood that although it is only a small country with a limited land area, Venezuela is a big gold deposit country in the world, with a gold reserve of 365.8 tons, ranking 15th in the world; the country has a total of 154 tons of gold bars stored in the central bank's vault.

Regarding the gold price trend in the fourth quarter, the Gold Mining Services Corporation (GFMS) predicts that the gold price in the fourth quarter will be at an average of $1,770 per ounce; the agency also predicts that the official net purchase of gold in 2011 will rise to 500 tons, which is higher than The previously estimated 336 tons.

During the Spring Festival, the price of gold hit the biggest weekly increase in 8 years. The price of COMEX gold recorded a weekly increase of 8.47% during the Spring Festival, up nearly 17% year-to-date. When the market opened on the first day, the gold sector of the A-share market thrived, and the daily limit wave was staged. Under the premise of high global risk aversion, gold is sought after by the market as the main hedging tool.

2. A spokesperson for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) stated on April 3 that the Group of Twenty (G20) countries agreed to the IMF to sell gold to raise funds for poor countries. The gold sales plan involved those that were approved last year. 403 tons of gold, not new. However, since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, many countries have experienced shortages of funds. For this reason, the G20 decided to use the proceeds from the gold sales program to help poor developers. However, the sales plan will not be implemented immediately. It may take at least several months for the IMF to obtain legislative permission from member states (including the United States) to sell gold.

Last weekend was Father’s Day. My friend Xiao Mao bought a 20g gold bar to his father through online shopping channels. The price of gold bars purchased by Xiaomao is nearly 50 yuan/gram cheaper than in physical stores, and 20g of gold bars saves nearly 1,000 yuan. This makes Xiaomao proud of the Erlang’s plan. This weekend, he can use the 1,000 yuan to buy it for my mother. A skirt, lest her elderly say that I am partial.

From June 20th to June 24th, the price of AU9995 gold opened at 320.95 yuan, the intraday highs and lows were 323.20 yuan and 317.00 yuan respectively; it closed at 317.66 yuan, a decrease of 0.84 yuan from the previous week’s cloHas the precious metals market been closed?sing price, a decrease It is 0.26%.

Time flies so fast. In a blink of an eye, the first month of 2015 is about to pass, and soon it will be the time for the aunts to go to the vegetable market to buy gold (Lunar New Year). Coincidentally, at this time, gold once again became a hot topic. Therefore, Xiaojin randomly selected a gold trading software on the computer desktop to open and take a look at it with extremely excited mood last night. You never know the full extent of things until you see them. The situation is like this: