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Precious Metal Analyzer

In the "iosgdefi summit 2020" round table, focusing on the "unsolved problems, core concerns and future views" in the development of DFI, Zhou Shuoji, founder of fbgcapital, said Precious Metal Analyzerthat currently, difi mainly focuses on derivatives and the landing of derivatives, because there are many projects being tried, such as introducing the design of single LP derivatives. The second is aggregation, which pays attention to the liquidation link and also prevents attacks. The second is depth. In addition, we also need to pay attention to financial related matters, and be able to do some financial services on the chain. You can also focus on compliance opportunities. According to a Qiu of d1ventures, what defi faces more is the imperfection of the underlying chain: first, the performance and scalability of the underlying chain are basically to the limit. Whether there is a better solution to provide scalability and stability is the key point. Second, the core elements that blockchain can provide are not perfect. Although it is also involved in the investment and liquidity of the defi project, it is more of an attempt. Which underlying projects can provide stable and scalable services and bring in the underlying assets are the basic elements of the portfolio, and then there will be the following defi, which is the greatest opportunity. Zhu Weiyu, the founding partner of ngcventures, said that at present, there is still a lack of digital identity and digital credit. Now, defi lending is basically mortgage lending, which is a large share in the traditional market, but not a complete share. For many people, credit loans can be used as a supplement to mortgage loans, which can be more flexible and have higher capital returns. If there are several systems that can help you identify yourself, there is a greater development space for difi. If there is a good service provider, it is also an opportunity to combine defi with KYC / AML.

Tether tether tether provides the best solution for bitcoin traders and exchanges in the face of the difficulties encountered by traditional banking. Usdt is a cryptocurrency asset implemented by Omni layer protocol for bitcoin blockchain transactions. Each usdt unit is backed by a dollar held in advance by tether, which can be accepted and redeemed through the tether platform. Usdt can be used to transfer, store, pay for consumption, and so on, just like bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency,

according to DAppTotal.comDEX According to the data on the special page, up to now, 17 DEX projects based on Ethereum network have been counted, with a total transaction volume of 203791 eth in the past week, totaling 35007580 US dollars. Overall, the DEX projects with the largest number of active users in the past week were IDEX (7202), tokenlon (4649), uniswap (3023), kyber (2479) and forkdelta (2353); the DEX items with the largest transaction volume were eth2dai (58114eth), kyber (32164eth) and uniswap (31, 396ETH)、IDEX(25,302ETH)、Tokenlon(20,532ETH)。 In recent years, the number of active users and transaction volume of tokenlon has been outstanding, ranking at the top of Ethereum DEX project ranking for 2 consecutive weeks.

Edgeware lock up accounts for us $152 million, accounting for 13.48%; compound, synthetix, dydx, Nuo and other defo applications account for 27.78%. Up to now, the total number of eth lock positions has reached 3.2781 million, accounting for 3.03% of the total circulation of the ETH market, and the total number of EOS locks has reached 110 million, accounting for 10.64% of the total circulation of the EOS market. On the whole: 1. In the past week, Dai's total market circulation averaged 86.27 million US dollars. Currently, Dai accounts for 84% of the outstanding assets in the defi loan market;

Flashswap, an encryption derivatives trading protocol, announced the integration of pledge, trading and hosting services based on the cloud nodes of ankr (ankr), a distributed cloud computing service provider. Flashswap is a defi protocol for cryptocurrency derivatives transactions, which aims to establish a distributed market and eliminate centralized management. All protocols of flashswap are open. Anyone can extend the protocol without specific permission when interacting with other smart contracts. Flashswap aims to provide a variety of financial products, initially including leverage and options trading, and is expected to provide more derivatives trading services later. Flashswap will build an effective market by using the off chain order book and on chain settlement function. Flashswap will use the proof of rights (POS) mechanism based on the tendermint consensus to ensure high performance, high scalability and high flexibility, ensuring an average block time of 1 second and a delay time of 0.5-1.5 seconds. At the same time, to meet the needs of high transaction volume, flashswap provides high-performance services, and all transactions will be preliminarily verified by the system,

Defipulse announced that renvm will be included in its page ranking. Currently, renvm's locked assets value is $28.2 million, ranking ninth. Renvm is an Ethereum cross chain difi project, which cuPrecious Metal Analyzerrrently supports BTC, BCH and zcash, which means that the three tokens can be implemented as renbtc, renbch and renzec in erc20 format, and cross link to Ethereum.

Parafi capital, a San Francisco based crypto investment firm, announced a partnership with kyber network and revealed that it had been involved in the project prior to kyber's planned katalyst upgrade, coindesk reported. Parafi also said the investment in kyber was in the form of an undisclosed, direct purchase of the project's native token KNC. At the same time,

According to the announcement, CRV / BNB, CRV / BTC, CRV / busd and CRV / usdt trading markets will be opened when recharge meets sufficient market trading demand.