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Precious Metal Analyzer
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Precious Metal Analyzer

Financial contract infrastructure umaumaumauma is a protocol that provides trust free financial contracts and Oracle machines. Third party liquidity providers and exchanges can provide innovative financial products to global users by using UMA protocol. UMA consists of automatic financial contract specification and Oracle, which is used to evaluate and guarantee the honesty and credibility of these contracts. Originated from the concept of traditional financial derivatives, UMA is used to create and validate financial contracts without trust, allowing anyone anywhere to design and build universally available financial products. UMA allows risk transfer without centralized authorization or single point of failure. UMA aims to support financial innovation provided by the public chain. It defines an open source protocol that allows any two counterparties to design and create their own financial contracts. However, unlike traditional derivatives, UMA contracts are only guaranteed by economic incentives, which makes them self executing and generally accessible. UMA's risklabs received $4 million in seed round investment in 2018. The company is led by the placeholder, with partners including Bain Capital, coinbaPrecious Metal Analyzerse ventures, dragonfly capital, blockchain capital, fintech collective, the box group and twosigma ventures. UMA check out more co-founder Hart lambur wrote that UMA project launched the first "no feed price" composite token built with UMA on the main network, which can track the relative value (ratio) of Eth and BTC. The token is currently available on uniswapv2, but the team warns that this is a beta version only,

Change the gapperblock parameter to increase the ideal interest rate from 2% to 4%; 4. The basic rate of each block will remain unchanged. The first change proposal is that when the utilization ratio of compound assets reaches 100%, the supplier can not withdraw its assets, and the new borrowers can not obtain loans, which can be compensated by the fund providers. Therefore, it is suggested to increase the parameter to 25%. Lianwen note: eight days ago, Dharma proposed to decouple the CDAI interest rate model from the MCD (multi mortgage DAI) parameters. Since then, although positive feedback has been received on updating the CDAI interest rate model, the community has clearly indicated that it is not willing to decouple from MCD at present. Therefore, Dharma proposes a CDAI interest rate update model which is not decoupled from MCD.

Finance (defi) loan agreement bzxbzxbzx is a protocol on Ethereum blockchain, which is designed to integrate the standard middleware of the X protocol and the exchange on the chain. Currently, on the main network, BZX allows short and leveraged trading on exchanges backed by x x and kyber. It includes an open base layer protocol that performs the basic functions of escrow and interest payment. The second layer of the agreement can be freely constructed to include many additional functions, such as ultra fast margin settlement and centralized lending. Different from any other solution, BZX protocol has a powerful high-speed margin settlement system in the second layer. BZX protocol has integrated six different x middleware. Bzxbzzrx looks at the loss of Ethereum caused by more manipulation. Kyle Kistner, co-founder, said, "part of eth (has) lost. This incident is due to the use of a contract, which has been temporarily closed by BZX. Safety researchers are currently investigating the exact cause of the accident and said they will publish detailed afterward investigation reports, and the remaining funds are safe. Because of this incident, BZX closed the fulcrum trading platform for maintenance.

ACALA, Boca's defi platform, has realized token transfer transactions between parallel chain and relay chain. As previously reported by Lianwen, last week, ACALA began to support access to the relay chain in the form of parallel chain, successfully sending cross chain messages between the relay chain and the parallel chain.

Project by defi Hakka.Finance The introduction of the insurance product 3fmanual enables the mining function of insurance policies. Users who hold insurance policies can receive tokens named thirdfloortoken and conduct liquidity mining in the new TFT reward pool. At the same time, the project also said that the reward pool currently distributes 1.5 million Hakka tokens every week, which can be adjusted by community governance in the future.

The defi loan agreement wepiggy ended the online public vote on wip1 proposal, and qusd, husd and uni obtained the final qualification for coin loading. The wepiggy core development team said that the deployment of the above three ore pools has been completed. According to the timelock rule, the new mine pool will be offPrecious Metal Analyzericially launched on December 3. Link news note: wepiggy is a digital currency lending agreement, the goal is to become the best bank, and is also the first project of yfii community VC strategy incubation. Wepiggy proposed a simple and practical governance framework, in order to reduce the threshold for users to use the defi protocol, and optimize the execution efficiency and gas cost of intelligent contracts.

Creamfinance (cream) announced the launch of capital efficient dynamic ammcreamy. The mechanism is constructed by combining the concepts of uniswap, balancer, curve and blackholeswap. Creamyv1 focuses on providing low sliding point and low cost for general stable assets, while creamyv2 is expanded to more volatile assets on this basis. At present, the product is in the final stage of code review and testing. At startup,

Exchange 1 According to the official blog post, in January this year, it disclosed the security vulnerability of its flashloan function to the BIFI loan agreement BZX team, which suffered two successive arbitrage attacks this month. One Said that at that time, the $2.5 million user funds from three fund pools in BZX protocol might be stolen by malicious attackers in a manipulation transaction, and prepare smart contracts to execute white hat attacks to protect user funds. However, after conducting the concept verification of the transaction 1 weidai to ensure the authenticity of the vulnerability, and contacting the BZX team to ask it to stop the smart contract immediately, BZX spent four hours to deal with the problem, and spent another 12 hours to remedy the vulnerability, and "rejected the proposal to stop the smart contract in the process of building the patch". Subsequently, BZX indicated that it was willing to hire 1 The team conducts flashloan But "we hope to reduce the audit quotation of $2000 per week to $1500". One It is believed that "the response of BZX team in dealing with security vulnerabilities is to avoid negative attention at the risk of users' funds being stolen, and to cover up the security vulnerabilities to a certain extent.". At the same time, 1 The team is not behind the BZX price manipulation attack this month, as it is busy building 1x. AG.