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3. The monthly report issued by the US Department of Commerce (Commerce Department) shows that the monthly rate of US commercial inventories in March rose by 1.0% to 1.477 trillion US dollars, which is expected to increase by 0.8%. U.S. commercial sales i

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1. Data released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas (Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas) on Monday showed that the Dallas Feds manufacturing output index was 1.1 in August and 10.8 in July. The overall business activity index was -11.4, and the July data w

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Precious metals market value

Cheng Xiaoyong believes that the dovish remarks have largely calmed the market’s confidence and suppressed the expectation of the Fed to raise interest rates too quickly. In fact, with Bernanke’s departure in January next year, the Fed’s internal dovish…

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Incomplete statistics. As of November 28, there were 35 cultural and art property rights exchanges (including trading platforms) in various parts of the Mainland that had publicly released their establishment information, and at least 6 were clearly under

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For retail investors, what is the best ETF for precious metals futures contracts?

1. According to data released by the French National Bureau of Statistics (Insee) on Monday, the monthly rate of industrial output in France in May rose by 2.0%, the previous value was revised down by 0.5%, and the initial value fell by 0.3%; the monthly

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